After 7 years at our previous location French Quarter Hospitality moved to our new offices on July 1st. It was a tremendous undertaking moving all the files, equipment and furniture and installing the new technology (Computer network and phone systems). I would like to thank all of our team members for their hard work as we did not hire an outside company to move us, we did it ourselves!. The entire process from beginning to end took three days!.
Our web page is currently being updated but until it is finished here is our new address and contact info:

French Quarter Hospitality, LLC
24 Perimeter Center East
Suite 2414
Atlanta, GA 30346
Main Phone: 770-257-0450
Fax : 770-257-0451

We are all very pleased to be in a larger space in a business office park with a more efficient operation which offers our clients an even higher level of service. Hanz Alva, our Corporate Controller, has his staff reorganized and fine tuned and is ready and eager to bring our accounting services to you. I encourage you to contact me to discuss how we can SAVE YOU MONEY providing accounting and reporting services to your organization. We have the systems, talent and work ethic to make a difference in both the quality of your accounting compliance and your bottom line.

I look forward to talking to you and invite you to call me at any time (770-257-0457 direct).

Mike Kaufman, CFO
July, 10, 2005