Case Studies

Over the years, we’ve boosted the asset value of our properties by tens of millions of dollars. It takes hard work and seasoned expertise to make a hotel the profit leader in its market. Here are some examples of how we did it.

From $24m to $75m in 3 Years

From $24m to $75m in 3 Years

  • After 9/11 the two Fort Walton Beach Hotels were appraised at only $24 million
  • Lender required additional investment
  • Spent $5 million on upgrades
  • Upscale suites with magnificent view of Gulf, improved swimming pool area
  • Added Lay-Z River™ – a unique and appealing touch that fit the market
  • Became huge success – people literally jumping over the fence
  • Negotiated to upgrade Radisson to a Marriott Courtyard
  • Received a $40m offer from Developer to convert to Condos
  • Created a very attractive 339 units condo plan ourselves filing for permits within two months
  • Sold condo project, maintained the Hampton- overall value about $75m
Hampton Inn - Hurricane Damage Recovery

Hampton Inn – Hurricane Damage Recovery

  • 9/16/05 Hurricane Ivan causes severe damage
  • 9/17/05 First civilians allowed on island due to persistence. Not •taking no for an answer
  • 3 days head-start utilized to clean up, getting utilities back on, contracting construction crews
  • Employees’ dedication and help in cleaning-up operation was invaluable
  • October 1 – reopened 50 rooms, October 31 – all 100 rooms reopened, not all to standard
  • 12/16/04 – reopened as Hampton
  • Reaping rewards of being the first hotel opened
  • Saved money in renovation by serving as own General Contractor
  • Negotiated with insurance companies to get equitable settlement
  • April 2005 in the process of planning addition of about 40 suites to this highly successful hotel
Union Labor - The Right Way

Union Labor – The Right Way

The hotel was renovated in 2006 and is now a Doubletree Hotel. The pictures are prior to the renovation.

  • 385 room Doubletree Hotel JFK Airport
  • Most NY hotels are organized by the HMTC of NY LOCAL 6
  • Organizing effort by HMTA began in early 2001
  • Prepared for a long conflict by, amongst other measures, developing a source of temporary labor
  • Effect of picketing on airline generated business was a great concern
  • Negotiated in an open and respectful manner keeping our needs in focus