We offer you the complete range of services you need to make your property highly efficient and more profitable. Our Centralized Accounting System can save you money while giving you the highest level of in depth, hands-on service. Our ability to invest in your operation can help selected clients with Equity or Quasi-Debt Solutions. And that’s just the beginning.

Strategic Reviews
French Quarter Hospitality offers an initial study, which will analyze the current position of your hotel and propose an action plan to increase its revenues and profitability.
Centralized Accounting
French Quarter Hospitality has the ability to execute all of your hotel accounting needs from its central processing center. Your
hotel will have full access to any information that is required by its management and ownership for the efficient running of its business.

FQH provides full monthly reports and statements within a few business days after the end of each month. Due to economies
of scale and the concentration of high-level expertise in the centralized environment, we can do all that with higher quality and for less money than most hotels.

While centralized accounting usually goes as part of our overall management offering, we will be happy to provide you with accounting services only.

Marketing Services/Property Repositioning
French Quarter Hospitality marketing services comprise a unique blend of competitive knowledge, market segment
analysis, target audience definition, and specific strategies to drive total hotel revenues. FQH can provide a thorough
market analysis and establish action plans to reposition a hotel.

FQH e-commerce marketing efforts are as thorough as those of any company in the business, and generate above-average revenues for its hotels. FQH uses specific segmentary focus group studies to determine what clients want from the property and how the property can provide these services and generate more profit.

Construction and Renovation
French Quarter Hospitality has extensive experience in successful construction and renovation projects in the half-million to 16-million-dollar range. We understand the
process of negotiating and working with contractors and vendors, and have saved substantial amounts by serving as our own project managers.

We bring projects to completion successfully, on time and on budget. We recently created a complete development plan to turn a hotel site into a condominium project. From a
standing start, we were filing for the required permits within 60 days.

Asset Management
Our main focus is a comprehensive management service.
If, however, for contractual or other reasons, you are tied to your existing management company and would like us to perform a one-time review or an ongoing asset management, we will be happy to do so.

We will assess risks, create effective strategies, evaluate the current management or management company, and monitor their performance and adherence to expectations.

French Quarter Hospitality can implement all property policies, procedures, wage compliance, health and welfare administration, recruitment, hiring, orientation, and training programs.
Equity and Debt Solution
Many individual or small hotel owners/investors need assistance in financial and transaction-related matters. French Quarter Hospitality has the ability to offer owners assistance with re-financing or assistance with a sale.

We can even invest our own equity in the project at our discretion.
Funds can be used for working capital, renovation, or to provide cash to the owner.