Dear Web Guest,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our new Web site.If you have not yet browsed through it, I hope that you will have the time to do so, and to watch some or all of the videos we have integrated into it which, we believe, make it a different and unusual site. If you have already looked through our site, I hope you found it interesting.

By way of a further introduction let me tell you what this Reflections section is all about.It is about everything and it is about all things. It is about good things and bad things, hotel things and non-hotel business, world events and trivia.In short, it is a small window into who we are, what we think, what we believe in, what our views are, and so on.

It will change every couple of weeks with new submissions from Marc, Mike and me. If you, our guest, would like to send us your thoughts on us on our site, on our reflections, on yourself, or on anything else- we promise to post it as long as it meets the usual decency criteria applying to publications.

It is our intent to breach all the taboos on this page well not all, just some.We will talk about politics and faith; we will talk about movies, books, restaurants, hotels, world affairs, our affairs, business and life, in short as I said before, about everything and anything (keeping within acceptable etiquette).

So we invite you to visit this page from time to time to see what it is that we or others have had on our mind since the last time you visited and if you have any comments or reactions, or you would like to have us post your “reflections” on life, send them to us. We will be happy to oblige!!!

Now that I am finished with all the introductions, let me get on with the business of business. Ultimately we would like to convince you to give us the opportunity to present ourselves to you in person and to see if there is anything that we could do together in our industry that will be rewarding for you and for us.

In this context, let me give you my personal assurance that we put honesty, ethics, fair play and hard work at the top of our corporate creed. We will always adhere to this short but succinct “Mission Statement.”

Everyone makes mistakes and so do we. It is how you deal with these mistakes that define you as a corporate entity or as a person. There are those who try to hide their mistakes and gloss over them, and there are those like us who make a serious issue out of our mistakes.

First- we disclose our mistakes, immediately, up-front, and fully, as soon as we know about them.

Secondly- we apologize unreservedly for making them.

Then- we work as hard as humanly possible to correct them.

Finally- we try hard, very hard to learn from them and to make sure we do not make the same mistake twice.

Therefore we apologize already, as I am sure there are mistakes in this web-site. It is amazing how many times we all went through it (ostensibly for the last time) always to find more errors. If you find any mistakes in this site- please let us know.

With that said, I will close my first “reflection” contribution and I look forward to having you visit our site again and maybe even to seeing you in real life soon.

Ronnie Ben-Zur, CEO
May 04, 2005